Ersan Industrial Machinery has adopted honesty as its basic code of conduct since its establishment. The primary priority in business acquisition processes has never been to undertake the work alone. It has always conducted a transparent process against both itself and its stakeholders about whether they can do it or not. This approach is beneficial to each of the parties.


Ersan Industrial Machinery is not only responsible to its customers and employees, but also to nature and the environment. It maintains its responsible stance by paying attention to efficiency and effectiveness in production processes and within the framework of solution-oriented projects by considering the well-being of future generations.


As Ersan Industrial Machinery, we believe in the importance of connecting with our customers. The sense of trust is one of the most important parts of this bond. We care about your trust in our quality, our products, our word.


Ersan Industrial Machinery believes in the power of development, renewal and keeping up with the requirements of the time. We strive for this development journey to have a continuous graph and to be able to progress one step further day by day.


Ersan Industrial Machinery focuses on developing its capacity to overcome problems and create solutions day by day. According to our basic philosophy, there is no problem that cannot be solved. In this respect, our main goal is to reach the most reasonable and feasible solution.


What it does is not only a work for Ersan Industrial Machinery. We believe in the importance of building long-term ties with both our employees and our customers. Establishing mutual loyalty reinforces our expertise by enabling us to carry out the work we know, with people we know. For this reason, we value our trust in our business, our competent employees, our customers and their loyalty to us.