As Ersan Industrial Machinery, we consider “quality” as a whole. The materials and the machinery used, the employees performing the production constitute a significant part of this integrity. In our material supply processes, we prefer to work with companies that have made a made at the global and national level and have no doubt about their quality.

We live in a world that is rapidly developing and renewing day by day. At this point, renewing in accordance with the technological progress of our age is one of the issues we attach importance to. We strive to continuously improve and develop our machine parkour with stable investments.

We attach importance to the competence of our employees in both technical and professional issues, experience and long-term labor-partnership. Our employees are valuable for us. In this respect, we pay attention to the compliance of the working conditions with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331 and the relevant regulations, and to create the necessary awareness and culture on occupational health and safety issues for all our employees.

Within Ersan Industrial, processes are carried out with the active participation of all our employees in order to reach the quality standards we aim for in management, production, employee and customer satisfaction. Because, we believe in the integrity of quality. All of our quality activities have been systematically developed to maintain our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

In addition, we participate in the necessary certification processes in order to standardize our quality processes. In this respect, we already have obtained ISO 9001/2008, ISO 9001/2015 certificates.